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Employment Coordination

The Employment Coordination program is a skill building program that assists new members of the Burmese community in Fort Wayne to obtain employment and economic independence. Employment-related skill-building training such as Sewing, Computing, CNA, Childcare Training and Landscaping trainings are provided throughout the year to produce more reliable workers in the workforce. Lessons on “Workplace and life Skills" and “Employment Etiquette and Culture” are taught at language classes, coordinating with social and governmental agencies.



1. To minimize the unemployed and underemployed population among the Burmese community.
2. To increase reliable and productive workers to stimulate the local economy.
3. To reduce the number of cash assistance recipients by helping participants achieve economic independence.



- Case management

- Job readiness trainings
- Resume writing
- Skill building
- Workplace conversation training
- Employment training on safety, policies, etiquette and culture

- Job development/ Job placement



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